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In the End Mondays - 06/23




It's Monday again. Here's an excerpt from this week's chapter:


When Masqouth stepped out of the dimensional portal and into the warehouse, however, he was completely unprepared for what he saw. The entire place looked like a war zone and a garbage dump combined. Hundreds shelves, boxes, and crates had been knocked over. Their contents were scattered everywhere in large piles. Many of the Almighty Ones' property had been destroyed, some of it crushed into a fine powder.


He stumbled onto a pile and almost fell off head-first before catching himself. He saw no sign of anyone, not even Atuje.


“Parents!” Masqouth called out, cupping his hands over my his mouth. “Hello? Almighty Ones? Is anyone there? Hello?”


His calls echoed throughout the empty, silent warehouse unanswered. Masqouth tried to reassure himself that nothing bad had happened here, but when he saw a bloody sword sticking out from a nearby pile of rubble and debris, his mind immediately jumped to the worst possible conclusion: His parents were dead.

Read the rest of Chapter XI here.





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