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Not going to go into details, but I am convinced by the leaked images that have been seen. They are consistent with a lot of the hints we've heard, and the person who originally photographed and posted these images seems trustworthy. Furthermore, they seem consistent with BIONICLE on a thematic level: masked heroes with fantasy weapons versus beastly-looking villains.


If it turns out they are fake and I have been tricked, I will not be the least bit ashamed, by this because these are the most convincing BIONICLE concepts to emerge in the past five years. I'm more than happy to concede a victory to any trickster or Internet troll who is prepared to go to such lengths to fool me.


I anxiously look forward to official teasers and information. Perhaps the LEGO Group might be announcing something during Comic Con, or perhaps we'll have to wait until November or December when the LEGO Club Magazines tend to tease the next years' themes.


Overall, I'm optimistic for the theme. The pics we've gotten are obviously not remotely good enough to form a definitive opinion on how I like the sets. But what I can see looks promising indeed.

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All of this talk of leaked Bionicle images reminds me of actual leaked Bionicle images for 2004 onward.  


I haven't felt like a kid like this in a while.


Regardless of truth, this is exciting.  ^^

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