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It just occurred to me that Kevin Hinkle proposed a "Bring Back Bionicle" design for this year's BZPower T-shirt contest. And now evidence is mounting that Bionicle will return next year.


Kevin KNEW, man. He KNEW and did that just to mess with us.


It's a shame he won't be at BrickFair to interrogate about Bionicle's return (along with 2015 Monorails, which are totally a thing that has leaked and not something I'm making up out of the blue, no sirree).

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And Bionicle sets riding!


Seriously, someone needs to make that as a MoC and post it to Lego Ideas. :P If nothing else, it will give the high-ups a good laugh. 

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Okay, this is the first time I've heard this monorails rumour,


I swear, if that's true I am going to die of happiness.

Of course it's true! There's no possible way I was being at all facetious, comparing Bionicle's return to another long-demanded product that Kevin is asked about every single year at BrickFair. After all, it's not like Lego designers are on record explaining why monorails are unlikely to ever come back. No, Monorails for next year are as sure a thing as the 15th anniversary Galidor revival that's happening in 2017. Mark my words.[/sarcasm]

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