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Band Camp: day 3

Rahkshi Guurahk


blog-0955756001406138814.jpgBTW, Buescher Tenor looks like the one I attached, it's a photo I got off of the 'net.

So I have something funny that happened:

My band director shouted out for the Tenor Saxes to show where they were before he asked them to show something.

So of course here's the reaction:

Jump up and down and yell "HEY!"


(This is why I am with the woodwinds, we're cool (minus the last few Alto Saxes). =P)

Also my Metal Clarinet is finally getting repaired after a month of procrastination!


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I don't know what you're talking about, Altos are (almost, unless they're the last few) always cool.

(What about Bari? =P) -RG

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The Baris in my band (yes, multiple) range from awesome to not so awesome, so, it depends. =P

We have 2, 3 last year though =P

However one of them is switching to Contra-Alto Clarinet.

My band director seems to like the CA rather than the CB, as I don't think the Contrabass has ever been in advanced band.

(ignoring that the CA is a Selmer Paris Series 9 and the CB is a plastic Vito. =P)


*looks at unrepaired metal clarinet*

gg me.




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