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Brickfair and Other Plans



Welp, I'm pretty close to prepared for Brickfair. Got my clothes, MOCs, name badge, and art all packed up.


MOCs I'm exhibiting this year include Caitlyn Gauss XL, Delwyn Buckler, Blacktron Vivisector, Kit Martello, Hero Factory Canine Buddy, Rise of the Dread Colossus (submarine only — I had to borrow some of the Dread Colossus's tentacles for Delwyn's hair, so he's out of commission), and My Little Tahu. I think Delwyn Buckler and Caitlyn Gauss XL will probably be the most popular of those seven.


As far as art is concerned, I will mostly be bringing the same collection of drawings I brought last year — sadly, I have not really made much cool new LEGO-related art since then.


I'm registered for the BZPower parts draft and will also probably be bringing a hat or two for the Hatpile. A number of my BZPower friends who I spent time with last year (Lady Kopaka, Turakii #1 Lavasurfer, Toa Lhikan Hordika, and Cholie) will not be making it this year for various reasons, so I think a good portion of my time will be spent trying to make new connections both within the BZPower community and the larger AFOL community.


I will also look at vendors to see if I can find anything that interests me. While packing, I came to the realization that I do not really have any light-colored LEGO T-shirts, except for old Brickfair T-shirts and a Barraki Kalmah T-shirt that is a little worse for the wear. So as with last year, I will definitely want to try buying some new LEGO-related wearables. I'll also be on the lookout for affordable CCBS parts and constraction sets. I got a steal on some pre-owned Legends of Chima constraction sets last year (basically half-off), and a bunch of useful CCBS parts the year before.


This will be my first time staying at a hotel for Brickfair (in the past my family has always driven there and back each day), so that should enable me to take part in more evening activities, including enjoying the brand-new "World of Lights" (sadly, none of my MOCs are going to have any light-up features, though). Maybe a visit to the vendors could change that, if they happen to be selling LifeLites or something similar, but generally the MOCs I'm bringing aren't characterized by a lot of transparent elements.


If you happen to be attending, come and find me! I will be wearing the same brick badge as the past two years, though it is larger than the one pictured and has more yellow (including a brick printed with my screen name, Aanchir). I should be spending a good amount of time at the BIONICLE table hanging out with the BZPower crew.


That about covers it, I think! If you're also going to be at Brickfair, leave a comment so I'll know to be on the lookout for you!

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Woo! BrickFair plans! I'm just gonna go ahead and tack mine on to your entry where it's more likely to be seen than in my own blog.

I'm not bringing any MOCs of my own this year apart from those shared with Scott, unfortunately. Many of my MOCs from the past year are either WIPs or alternate models to sets which I have long since rebuilt. It's probably for the best—having fewer MOCs to watch out for will give me more chances to hang out around the con (and ditch the con entirely for BronyCon on Saturday).

Apart from any deals like we got last year on opened sets from The Brick Show, my main goal for vendors is for at least one of them to be offering bulk Medium Lavender bricks at a reasonable rate. That Twilight Sparkle sculpture isn't going to build itself!

If you want to keep an eye out for me at the con, I'll be wearing this name badge, featuring my own custom BronyCon 2014 brick! I'll also likely be spending a fair amount of time at the BZP table, so be sure to stop and say hi!

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I'll be there. Here's my badge (I like to keep it small and only has to represent anything people might care to know about me before conversing).

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