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In the End Mondays 08/04




Can't believe there's only three chapters left now. The end is indeed very near.


Here's an excerpt from this week's chapter:

Of course I know,” said Mr. Gray. “What, surprised I can hear you? Shouldn't be. Over the years I've honed my hearing to an almost De-Matoran level of sensitivity. Don't even bother planning behind my back; otherwise, I will crush you before you even realize it.”


“Big words from an old man,” said Night Vision. “And how did you even know we were here, anyway? We didn't tell anyone about our plans.”


Mr. Gray laughed. “Night Vision, in my experience, I have learned that most secrets are leaked not by those outside the circle, but by one of the secret-keepers themselves. Isn't that right, Blaze?”


Read the rest of Chapter XVII here.





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