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Brickfair Highlights



I am way behind writing up my Brickfair recap, so I'm going to just go over some of the highlights.

  • Shortly after I arrived, I learned that Delwyn Buckler got featured on the back cover of the event program! Awesome!
  • Here's my haul from vendors and yard sales. It includes a lot of cool stuff, including a bunch of useful Hero Factory parts, six LEGO Friends mini-dolls for customizing, and a UV light for my MOC during the World of Lights event on Friday.
  • At the live auction on Friday, Nukaya's Benny painting became set a BrickFair record for the highest bid on a single item, selling for two thousand dollars! It was amazing to be there to hear the bids continue to climb!
  • The World of Lights was AMAZING! Not quite as great as it could have been, maybe, because the convention center's emergency lights flooded out some parts Here's my submarine all lit up. I will have plenty of uses for that blacklight in the future, I'm sure! This guy was also amazing!
  • On Sunday I participated in the BZPower parts draft. Five other participants and I chose parts from ten copies of 44021 Splitter Beast vs Furno & Evo. Here's my haul — I chose some of the largest and heaviest pieces, apparently, but I have already found some great uses for them!
  • I participated in the Hatpile, contributing just one hat. Maybe I'll bring more next year.
  • My Blacktron Vivisector won the Brickee award for "Best Small Space Craft"! I was totally surprised when I found out! Here's a picture of it with the trophy (sorry it's blurry)!
  • I went to dinner with fourteen other BZPower members on Sunday. Overall, the food was mediocre and the service was execrable (I'm probably going to do my best never to eat at a Longhorn Steakhouse again), but the company of my fellow BZPower members was fantastic.

Overall, I had a fantastic time at BrickFair this year. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again next year! Especially since next year *drum roll* BronyCon and BrickFair are going to be on different weekends! So for the first time, I'm going to be able to go to both events! Yay!

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You are the first person I've ever seen use the word execrable. I looked it up. That is a fabulous word.


Thank you.

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Well, I wish I could have been around for more of it, but it was great to meet you and everyone else. ^^ I'll be sure to be more present the next time I make it over to that side of the country.



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