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is it displaying your score correctly? i took it and junk and mine's not displaying which makes me sad inside


(but since i failed the piraka genius quiz i cant be a true bionicle fan :c)

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Scores totally don't show up right... I got a 60-something and it says I have 2%. o_O


And hiii!


I moved across the country!

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@ Bfa: *Guilty Spark chuckle* I am a genius.


@ Octodad: Oh my gosh that quiz is brutal. I got 65%.


@ Kit: Maybe we are all judged according to bonesiii's brilliance.


@ CF: And I felt bad, again. I'll make it there, I swear! I've got a steady job again, and after this semester I don't think I want to do summer school again next year... so maybe I should start a BrickFair fund jar.


@ Tekulo: I don't know, your other two comments were pretty on-topic (psst promote me to top moderator i am good at forums).


@ ET: Since you don't mention where you moved to I had to read your blog to find out, good grief. Austin, man! You're, like, two minutes from me. I'm in San Marcos. We should hang some time.

Edit: Never mind. North Austin. This is an insurmountable obstacle.


It was a good dream while it lasted, but now... the traffic crossing the I35 bridge by downtown is just too harrowing.

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I would promote you to that thing you said, but alas I am just an ordinary member on this site (who spins yarns about starfish people and demands everyone to get off his blog)

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Oh neat.


And yeahhh I've not explored the city itself (as in, downtown) or anywhere south yet. :P I am not even remotely used to traffic and seeing all of that is just... *shudders*


Although if you can get onto 183 easily, I'm literally right off of it.

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I've actually been attending one of the Austin Community College campuses right off 183 all summer, but tomorrow is the last day of that and it's going to be nuts-times busy.


Austin traffic really isn't that bad most of the time, though. I haven't been in actual stand-still traffic more than a couple times.

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Well I-35 was one of the first things I saw sooo... First impressions, man.


Most of the time what I experience isn't horrible, that's true. But I get to see that traffic every day since I go over I-35 to get to work. (Could go on it if I wanted but... hahahaha no. Not for how short of a distance it would be.)

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