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The Collecting of Masks



About 2 weeks ago, my boss' son came to the studio with about 3 bins in hand. Each one filled to the top with Bionicle.


"What's that," I asked.


"I'm selling my Bionicle to my dad," he replies. "I'll give you first dibs, though." He knows me too well.


So I sift through the first bin, and I notice a pattern. There's -plenty- of Kanohi in here. We're talking A LOT.


It was in this moment I elected to go ahead and buy all the Kanohi from him. Literally every one I could find. So I did.


And then I talked with Toa Lhikan Hordika, who sent me his spare Kanohi as well.


And then I got permission to check the other overstock Bionicle in the shop we had left over, to find more masks I needed. I was left needing only 25 more.


I then checked Bricklink. I found every single mask I needed.




A stupid Red Miru. Nobody on Bricklink is selling it. Figures.


So I'll probably track it down via friends first, then if that falls through I'll come here to BST. Once I secure that one, I'll probably move to buying whatever I need left off of Bricklink, though I bet I could buy more from my list of needs here more than I could there.


Anyway, rant over basically. Worth mentioning, I have no current desire to track down Krana, Kraata, Kanohi Nuva, or Kanoka. Likewise no misprints or prototypes. Strictly 01 Mata Great and Noble. That may eventually change, but I'm a simple man who is more than satisfied with the simplest collection known to Bionicle fandom.

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I literally bought the last Red Miru on bricklink. I would have waited until I got home but recently, items I have bookmarked got sold the next day so I said I would buy it. I know a guy that has one though. Give me a shout if you are interested.

Furthermore, you'd be surprised how many you can buy at once from bricklink. I managed to get roughly 2x10 masks and I needed only 25 at that stage. So you might be able to buy in bulk. :)

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I wish I didn't cherry pick only masks I needed... I'd probably have so many more by now. But grrr that 2001 collection of mine is still terribly bare as a result.


So I hate you. :P

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It would be the ultimate irony if that red Miru happens to be overlooked at the bottom of your friend's bins. :P

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