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MakutaFest 2014 Grand Prize Vahi Instructions



During MakutaFest 2014, we had a grand prize giveaway of a Lego sculpture modeled after the Legend of Metru-Nui Vahi. The winner was, of course, VoxuChro.


When I posted the topic for signup, I mentioned I could only ship to North America, due to cost and insurance. However, to make up for this limitation to our non-NA listeners, I agreed to release the instructions to the public so anybody, regardless of country of origin, could get one of they so chose to make one. Therefore, today I publically announce the download link for the Vahi, including a parts list.



Click for ZIP

I look forward to seeing photos of anybody's attempt at it, and if you can find improvements on the concept I welcome it :) (I get the feeling I'll be seeing a few dozen gold-recolored LDD models in the next few days, though. Bring it on, I say 8D)


Build on.

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