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something about bonkles pt. 2



I never thought I would see this day come! And if it ever did happen I didn't think it would mean this much to me but it does. BIONICLE is back, at least for the time being, and I am incredibly hyped.


The fact that we're bringing back something akin to the quest for the Masks of Power is nice. Going back to the roots of BIONICLE is probably a good idea, but I still sincerely hope that this is a reboot and not a continuation, mainly because the latter would be too confusing to incoming fans (among several other reasons).


"Happy and nervous too -- the return is a big deal, and you really want it to succeed, because you only get one chance to bring something like this back."

-Greg Farshtey on BIONICLE's return, LEGO Forum


Totally feel on that one.


EDIT: actually kinda interesting reading some of his replies on this stuff, 10/10 would recommend


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