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BS01 Beta skin



So, if you didn't already notice from the other day when we set it to the default skin, BS01 has a new skin in the works: http://biosector01.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page&useskin=metrolook


I'm still tinkering with it, I have suggestions and I know of at least a mile long list of corrections to be made as we go. At least I fixed the search button (it originally went to a search page, similar to Wikia; it now goes to the page you typed in, with a search being the redundant fallback if no page exists).


Basically, it's a WIP which I will attempt to solve before Bionicle is announ-


"Bionicle 2015!"


... before 2015 :P



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Oh believe me, I noticed. I was getting all sorts of errors earlier today when I was going through the entire list of Rahi trying to decide which ones would make feasible pets for my pen-and-paper RPG. :P
Seriously, BS01 is one of my favorite websites. You have no idea how much time I spend there making sure I don't screw something up in a fanfic or somethin'.

Takuma Nuva

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