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Apocalyptic. What makes something post apocalyptic? Why the wardrobe for a dystopian setting? Where do you get the ensemble? How exactly do you make something fit into the theme?


I'm just curious as to what other people thing should go into a post apocalyptic setting outfit wise. There are a lot of resources out there but some of it is just general and vague.


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An event in history occured that changed the fundamental way humans live their day-to-day lives or the way humans see the world advanced to a point where it impacted the way all humans continue to exist.


Apocalyptic doesn't mean end-of-the-world necessarily. A more accurate way of putting it is that something huge was revealed. Kinda like how Mata Nui being a giant robot and his true purpose led to impacting the lives of all MU inhabitants and Agori alike. That's how I view it anyway.

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I think of it as any event that wipes out/devastates the majority of humankind, whether instantly or over a period of time. In some cases humankind bounces back, in some cases it doesn't.

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