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Emoticons Can Rhyme?

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


"No!" sobbed :begging: in a panic

"Don't take my sock---I need the static!

Without, my power will fade and die

I'll have to cry by candlelight!"

But :smeag: felt nada sympathy

He threw the sock into a tree

:begging: got mad and then :onfire:

:smeag: ran away to his smily empire

:happydance: ran up with a triumphant shout

And, with some water, put :onfire: out

:wakeup2: walked along, sipping his tea

Tripped on grass and skinned his knee

:wakeup2: began to wail and :cry:

:onfire: went :wacko: once he was dry

:happydance: was stunned into a mere :mellow:

A passerby mentioned, "Hey, you're all yellow!"

Being the same color and having changed faces

Emoticons found themselves in the wrong places

Insanity reigned throughout all smily-bearing sites

Some gave up and tried to keep cheerful through their plight

Those who meant to give a IPB Image found themselves :unsure:

At last, we cried to the staff: "Please stop this chaos, sirs!"

MFuss sorted out the mess with his listing powers

And there emoticons live still, to this very hour





Recommended Comments

You really took a lot of effort to build up the suspense before obliterating it with a completely unrelated stanza from Dr. Seuss. I won't even try to fathom the depth of your insanity.


- :vahi:

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