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Thoughts on Smash Brothers So Far

Kaleidoscope Tekulo


So, our first full day of vacation is looking slow. Basically I am here with my parents and two of our family friends. I am the only person here under age 50 (Until Akano, KK and Friend: Toa of Friendship get here)


Anyway, after thirteen hours in a car on the way down here, and my getting of Super Smash Bros 3D in the mail the day before we left, I have had time to play. All of the characters are unlocked and there is a myriad of unique and interesting fighters to choose from...


Too bad I've only been playing as Avatar Korra, Bolin, Asami, Mako, Nigel Thornberry and Duck from Princess Tutu.


The Mii fighters might just be the best thing ever. Okay, it takes a while to figure them out, but customizing characters to be offensive, defensive, speedy or mixed is really cool. Defeating Master Hand as Asami is an incredible feeling. Playing as Korra while kicking Mako into oblivion is sooo satisfying. Having Asami uppercut Mako is equally as satisfying. Bolin is still adorable. Having Duck in a princess brawl with Zelda, Peach and Rosalina is also entertaining, especially since I gave her all of the defense I could and made her a cybernetic swordswoman. (Seriously, it is so out of character that my love meter has been maxed).


If anyone is interested in any of these guys, let me know and I'll post an entry with screenshots and a detailed report of their special moves.




~Melon Lord

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I'll be the narcissist here and admit the only three Mii Fighters I have are all based on myself. =P Yep, one for each class. =P


First up we've got a Brawler wearing the Protective Gear (I really want that Karate Outfit though) and a Ninja Headband. Specials are Ultimate Uppercut, Onslaught, Helicopter Kick, and Feint Jump.


And then there's the Swordfighter with a Ninja Outfit and Ninja Headband. Specials include Shuriken of Light, Airborne Assault, Skyward Slash Dash, and Blade Counter.


My personal favorite is the Gunner, with Dragon Armor and a Ninja Headband (why yes, I really like that thing). Specials are Charge Blast, Gunner Missile, Lunar Launch, and Bomb Drop. 


So yeah, playing as myself in Smash is awesome. =P

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Believe me, I tried. Red sunglasses could work if I only had half of them. Like, a red monocle. Alas, it is beyond my capabilities. Aang's arrow was hard enough. It is silver and does not cover the top of his head.

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The limitations on Miis are a little frustrating, but considering all the options we do have, Mii Fighters are still pretty awesome.  I probably wouldn't even have that complaint if they just added anime hair, tbh. :P

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Hairstyles are the most frustrating part of the process. It is almost never perfect, but it does come close on a number of occasions. Needs actual Korra ponytail thing and a warrior's wolf tail (it tells the other warriors they're fun and perky!)

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I've been able to find some success with the options we have.  My main priority was a particular princess from a certain video game, and her hair was really easy to recreate; aside from that, I have four different Miis from my favorite anime, three of which I'm pretty content with the hair of (the last one is a little eh).  And then a few others, most of which have easy hair.  Except for Geo Stelar, but I worked with it because I needed a Mii of my favorite Mega Man to beat up the original. It was glorious.


...At the same time, I can't bring my favorite pink and purple haired characters in to Smash.  Pros and cons.

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