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Idk man, Lucy feels faster and smaller than Marth. And the idea of getting 100% tip hits is so ridiculous that I don't see how any human could do it.

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I thought I'd like using Lucina but honestly I find her about as boring to use as Marth. Yoshi's still my main, but of the newcomers I'm a lot more fond of Rosalina & Luma, who are much easier to use effectively than I'd expected.

I also LOVE using Bowser Jr., since he feels wonderfully fresh despite coming from an overrepresented series. :P


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People have done pretty thorough testing from what I've heard, and she's been found to be exactly as fast as him. She's a complete clone other than the tip mechanic. And it's not always hitting with tippers, but being able to do them frequently adds up. When I had been playing Brawl daily I could consistently get fair tippers, which is one of his best moves.


Not only the damage matters too, as more knockback lets Marth kill earlier. One lucky tipper for an early KO means a lot.



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Robin and Lucina are my two main characters, though my old characters (Peach and Mario) are right up there too.


Somehow I'm finding Falco and Metaknight rising up in the ranks of characters I use though.

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