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It happened! (Also, completionism)



AHHH I didn't think my son would be ready for Legos for another year or two, but last night he sat down and joined in organizing System parts with me. (He's just barely 2 1/2)




See, it looks like I'm helping him with colors, shapes, and counting - but in reality I am training a sorting minion MUAHAHAHA--

Actually it works out well because he's nearly as obsessed with organization as I am. (See all that sorted Lego/Bionicle behind us? XD)





Look, he also made his first MOCs... a necklace each for me and him, and an airplane he was very happy with. I'll probably never take it apart, it was his absolute first MOC and I feel like I should preserve something so momentous.




On another note, I am so close and yet so far away from finishing my Bionicle collection. If you're willing to part with sets, please check out the topic here.



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This is the best. I had been having a somewhat blah day, and this kind of heartwarming story just made everything better. Congratulations to BZP's newest builder and the family that helped him get this far! :D

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The next step is teaching him to read using the Hapka books, right? Slipping Matoran into his writing lessons in a few years is just continuing to develop his spatial skills, right?


Also: first MOC should totally become a normal childhood milestone =D

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I would say to have that airplane bronzed, but that wouldn't be purist, would it?

I was considering sealing it in a glass box or something. XD

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