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From: Ask Vezon (Unfortunately) TWO!





Boidoh, on November 1st, 08:32, said:


1.) What do you think of all my BFTGM entries? I think the Exo-Skakdi might suit your fancy!


2.) Is Vezok squared=Vezon squared+sanity squared?











Vezon had just finished scamming members of the Government when he got an e-mail from BZP. Thinking it was the enclosed check he was ranting for a while about, he immediately opened it, and screamed. Racing to the bottom of the stairs, he burst through the bathroom door, and found Kongu scrubbing the floor. "Some freak named Boidurrh or something like that just sent me pictures of monstrosities! You have to see them!" and he bolted up the stairs, Kongu muttering something about mental psychopaths owning comedies. At the computer, Kongu and Vezon looked upon the MOCs made by Boidurrh or something like that. "How monstrous... How hideous... They're... They're beautiful!" And he hugged Kongu and cried. Kongu groaned, pulled Vezon off him, and said "Goodbye." and walked back downstairs.


"Wait, wut's dat?" Vezon peered towards the screen to see: Vezok Squared = Vezon Squared + Sanity Squared





"Okay, math lesson, Boidurrh or something like that. You see, Vezon = Vezok + Sanity + wittiness + Intelligence + Good looks + Charm + Swag + Munies + Rare blood + Getspawnedfromsomeonelesserthanyou + Cute. It was probably a mistake this time, but it had better not happen again, because:


"Anyone who lowers me down so ever again gets a Mango fused with Mint leaves up their left nostril while Ballet dancing in an afro in front of the entire Skakdi race and Gadunka's rotting corpse!"



"Well, thanks for coming! (frilly flowers) :D

There you go. Two monstrous masterpieces for you to hate!


Source: Ask Vezon (Unfortunately) TWO!



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