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From: Ask Vezon (Unfortunately) TWO! this time: Egos amuck





What would happen if the moon from Termina Blah blah blah right?


Vezon, what would you do if you ate the Mask of Ultimate power by mistake?








Vezon checked his measurements again for the 28th time. He was 104% correct. "See, I told you toothpicks are electromagnetic!" he shouted, and grinned. The one he was shouting to went by the name Nidhiki. "Come on, can't we do something else? We've been sitting here for two hours arguing about-"


BZP replied. Vezon darted over and saw the question from his previous guest Boidoh. "Say what?" he questioned as he wrote everything down. "Hm. But the Termina moon is way too small to fit in the major hole in the side of the planet, so that would leak lava everywhere, resulting in the planet becoming a massive pile of smoldering ground! Man, I love it! Uggh, I'm hungry. Go make me a burger."


Grumbling downstairs, Nidhiki angrily cooked a hamburger. But as he got ready to prepare it, He saw the Mask of Ultimate power sitting casually on Vezon's shelf next to Stormer's head. He quickly swiped it and stared mouth open. He heard a creak. Vezon was approaching. Thinking fast, he slipped it under a lip in the tablecloth. But as Vezon emerged from the stairs, he realized that wasn't a tablecloth. That was the Burger bun.


"Yummy!" said Vezon and gobbled down the sandwich. He then proceeded to glow different colors, all while burping extensively. "Wow, (burp) I must have had too (burp) much air in that (burp) burger!) Nidhiki ran from the house screaming as Vezon tore through the roof, power flowing around him. He flew around the 2,683 times in one second. "I FEEL GREAT! I'M GOING TO CARVE THE MOON IN MY IMAGE!" And he concentrated, and the rock on the moon turned into the form of Vezon's head. Just then, his stomach finished digesting the Mask. He had a sonic burp, and fell to earth.


Later that night, people everywhere gazed at the moon, now with the face of Vezon, and questioned the sanity of this writer.



Source: Ask Vezon (Unfortunately) TWO!



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