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From: Ask Vezon (Unfortunately) TWO!




Do you watch TTV?







Vezon was almost there. He was downstairs playing Super Marlo bro$ 4 and was almost to the end, just tackling the final boss, Howzer, king of the Borshts. And he was almost there...




"RRAAAAAGGGGGGGEEEEEE!!!" yeled the happy Vezon as he burst into a temper tantrum. Botar, sitting at the table eating cereal and taku eggs, jolted and backhanded Vezon when he came close. "For the love of Mata Nui, will you stop that ranting!? I'm trying to enjoy a peaceful morning without the interruptions of a maniac! Now can you do something else please?" Vezon shut the TV off and grumbled upstairs. He had a seat next to his computer and wondered what was on Twoyube, the online video site. He found something that said "Bionicle" and he quickly watched it. It was made by a group known as The Three Virtues and they were-


"Okay hold it! Now for my side of the story! Now, THEY said that Bionicle 2015 has 'been officially confirmed' and set pics are released as evidence! WELL GUESS WHAT Duh tree Vitruvius! I made those pics, masterminded everything at comiccon, designed the phony sets, and MADE THE ENTIRE FLIPPING WEBSITE, THAT'S WHAT! And I deserve full credit for also being the obvious villain In the series! Can you please get a life and let the guy who knows something SAY THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER!?"


Botar appeared behind Vezon and growled. "What did I tell you, worm?... I... Said... QUIET!!!" He hoisted Vezon by the back of the neck and threatened to crack it, when he saw the screen. "Ooh, Bionicle 2015! I had rumors about this... It's confirmed? Wow! I gotta call LEGO and ask them for a returning roll!" And as he dashed to the downstairs phone, Vezon leaned on his desk and grumbled.



Source: Ask Vezon (Unfortunately) TWO!


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