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Stepping into the Future: Swert has a Next Gen console (finally)



One guess.


So given Microsoft just lowered the price of the Xbox One back on Saturday, I decided to pick up an Assassin's Creed Unity Kinect-less bundle, $350. It didn't occur to me when I got it they also planned to give me AC4 as a bonus, which given I already had it on the 360 was a nice plus.


I then proceeded to buy Fibbage for $6 and Minecraft XBO edition for $5.


... So basically, I spent almost $400 (with tax) on a brand new console, 4 games, and basically a multipurpose controller (I found I could use my phone charging cable to connect it to my laptop, so YAY BORDERLANDS CONTROLLER <3) and I still have Lego Batman 3 coming in next week.


... Aaand an almost booked solid two months of work, of which I won't see much time in any of these games much before the weekends anyway. Sigh.

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