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Lewa0111 Nuva


Happy (belated) Halloween, everyone!


Thought I'd provide a few updates for everyone about my comedies and such given that I've been away for a little while. First of all, the Lewa# Studios Holiday Series has returned! "Why Toa Shouldn't Trick-Or-Treat" has just been posted (a few days late, yes; Halloween itself kept me quite busy this year!) Featuring costumed Toa, Tava shenanigans, and some interesting trick-or-treating. Check it out! :)


Also, BZ-Nui Hack Wars is not dead. Due to an apparent lack of interest in the comedy, I haven't felt too motivated to update lately but I will try to get more chapters up when I can. I've also been taking a glance at Ask Matau! and TNI, but I can't make any promises on those two. If nothing else, once Hack Wars has finished I will repost Comedicle and start continuing that. But we'll see.


Finally, I hope you all had a great Halloween and I will be seeing you all again this Thanksgiving for another installment of the Holiday Series! (And will be busy keeping Tava away from all the pies, of course...)


:mirunu: Lewa0111 Nuva :mirunu:

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