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Scream Fortress is Ending



So trade for items now! Specifically mine! These! Right here! Hats.


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Blergh, thank goodness. This might have just been my least favorite update ever, and I can't wait until the official Valve servers go back to normal. Here's hoping Smissmas is better.... 

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I'm gonna have so many dupes to delete and costume parts to organize tomorrow.


I wish it was easier (or cheaper) to trade for the specific costume parts I want most. All 8 6 of my 2014 cauldron items suck and I'm not one for buying/opening crates.

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Eh, I disliked last year's Scream Fortress more than this year's. But then again, the 2010 Scream Fortress was the best because HHH is best boss

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I quite liked spells, I don't hate Hightower like a lot of people do, and I thought that the underworld being a glorified arena match was a neat idea. I got almost all the achievements that year. This year, I got none. I don't hate Doomsday either, but there was literally no new gameplay additions to the map proper. And as for the go karts? Eh, I just couldn't get into them.

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You got eight cauldron items? I only got six, and half of them were for medic and occupy the same equip region.

Whoops, yes, six. I meant six. Most of mine are floaty-behind ones I don't particularly care for.


Once I got the 2014 cauldrons and achievements, I basically spent all my time farming gifts, mostly last year's.

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I've run out of care for farming 2013 gifts, having so many dupes. I just need some steam dosh for Transmogs now to try and gamble my way to a Sir Shootsalot or a Chicken Kiev now.

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I farmed gifts both in 2013 and this year. SO MANY DUPES but I'm still missing several I wish I had, like Haunted Hat and Mann-Bird of Aberdeen.


EDIT: Oh by the way, if you're looking for transmogs or Halloween Spells, you're gonna want to get them and use them within about the next ~3 hours from now. Item descriptions say they expire at 08:00 GMT.

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Well, I can't get cash in that time, and the event already seems to be over. Alas, I will have spares sitting in my inventory until I gift or Giftapult them to someone.

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