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Bionicle survey thing?

Lady Kopaka


Okay guys, as I’m working on this Bionicle novel…I got some questions if y’all don’t mind answering! I’d love input!


No need to answer all these questions if you don't want to.

And this is for writing purposes--I'm not trying to pretend I'm all self important and changing the real canon. Just my alternate universe.

  • What were a few things that you didn’t like in the storyline, and wished was changed? (e.g. a event, character death, lack of character death, etc)
  • What’s your favourite ships? Or simply a uncommon group of characters? (e.g. Federation of Fear)
  • Do you have any notable headcanons on a character?
  • Or something else? A culture, object, event, etc?
  • What characters would you like to know more about, or have more screen-time?
  • What would you imagine different in a humanized world?

Thanks so much if you do this! The answers may greatly affect the direction of my planned serials.


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If you can find some way to have Pridak, Mantax, Kazi, and Irnakk form a group together and go on some sort of quest, that would be amazing.

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A few thoughts:


I was disappointed regarding the purpose of the Red Star. I thought that bringing back deceased characters was a convenient and cheap way to appease fans, and it made the concept of death into something not nearly as significant as it should be. 


I found Botar's death to be somewhat pointless, especially since in the canon they just replaced him with another member of his species. Also, I think Nidhiki should have somehow redeemed himself before his death, but that might not be relevant if you're starting in 2008.


Any unusual character interactions are good. Especially alliances between characters that would usually be enemies, like Toa and Dark Hunters. Speaking of Dark Hunters, I really could never get enough of them. Given the variety of members there's so much room for story development.


Other elemental powers could be expanded upon. We saw a lot of the primary six but not nearly enough of the rest, in my opinion.


The shattering and reforming of Spherus Magna were also things I could do without. Like I said, they're unrealistic even compared with all the other unrealistic stuff in Bionicle.


Anyways, that was a bit longer than I intended; sorry if that's more information than you were looking for.



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Hmm... this is gonna take some thought.

  • I've always felt like Turaga in general never got the attention they should have. I mean, do we even have it in canon where one of them used their mask powers (outside of Dume repairing Metru Nui) or elemental powers? Another obvious one is the lack of non-standard elements. All we got was part of a web serial. Seriously, I need The Green up in 'ere. And Ahkmou as a Toa of Shadow. Honestly, if I could be bothered to write fanfics again I'd do these myself.
  • Jaller and Hahli OTP. I've always felt like their relationship is one of an unspoken mutual attraction, but they're both smart enough to not allow themselves to be distracted by such things.
  • I've always felt that the Toa Hagah, due to their experiences, wouldn't always do things "by the book". The don't straight up disregard things like the Toa Code, but they're certainly open to exploring more possibilities.
  • I would think the Boxor would be the catalyst for more Matoran piloted mechs in their security forces. Maybe even something Vahki-esque
  • I'm just gonna say Hagah and Inika. I feel particularly cheated that we never really felt the impact Matoro's death had on the latter.
  • Not much actually.

Takuma Nuva

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Toa Vakama or Turaga Vakama + Vahi. That definitely needs to be used more.


Make 2006 Vezon last past 2006, character-wise.  


(The rest I'm saving for my own stories lol.)

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