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From: Ask Vezon (Unfortunately) TWO!





Vezon, why don't you have a spine? also, can you juggle planets made of LEGO parts while sitting on a rotating mirror, eating haggis and blowing your nose? (or lack thereof?)


If I ask this question, will you die?


Vezon is a big guy?


Do you feel in charge?


Vezon, do you love Tyler?


Hey Vezon, will you hijack Ghidora's BZPRPG and totally screw up the battle in Le-Koro?


Also, if the square root of a flexnard is equal to a cup full of boogers, then what is Stormer's head in relation to a lonely island on Aqua Magna?


Hey, Vezon do you like pickled pigs feet dipped in ice cream (any flavor, doesn't matter) sprinkled with chopped liver?








THE GUEST (with update)






Vezon was doing what he normally did on a wonderful Saturday afternoon- He had a nice dish of Haggis. He decided to sit on the rotating mirror, and juggle LEGO planets. It was going all right, all until he had to sneeze. He realized, if he sneezed, it would stay on the inside of his face because he has no nose. He grabbed a rubber nose and used it to empty his sinuses, and then threw it away.


Lewa was enjoying a nice, hot coffee. As soon as the nose incident occurred, he was drinking nice, hot caffeinated sheep innards. He spat it out and coughed. "Why do you eat that horrid stuff-gunk? it's disgusting!"


Vezon got off the rotating mirror and dumped the Haggis in the trash. "Well, leaf boy, some of us sophisticated beings prefer having sheep hearts, suet and intestine mixed together." Tipping the mirror upright, he stared into it. Vezon was short. Not Matoran short, mind you, but short nonetheless. He wished he was big, muscular, and more handsome than he already was, but that was not to be. Going away from the putrid lying mirror, the Stormer head on his (Ghidora's) shelf caught his eye. He stared at it closely.


On the planet of Aqua Magna, there had been a lonely little island not accounting to much of anything. It was odd, though, for it looked similar to the Stormer head. Vezon saw it on his (Ghidora's) globe and realized the stunning relation between the two.


They were both lame!


Vezon did a victory dance, which was mostly weird and ridiculous, right in front of the distasteful Lewa. "Ugh, you have something worng with your brain-air there, buddy? Because you seem to be in a spasm-dance." He almost sipped his Haggis coffee again before remembering it was altered. "Besides, what with you hijacking that Ghidora guy there's been no peace in Le-wahi. Say, I think i'll call Black six and see-hear what's going on over there." He grabbed the phone and dialed up the mystery number belonging to the specific moderator. 1-9000-2awesome


"Hello? This is Lewa speaking. What's going on in the RPG? Oh, uh Le-koro please. What? Vezonman arrived? who is that supposed to be? ...What!? He ate the beetles and married a stump!? Who would-Um, i'll call you back." Lewa slammed the phone down and growled at Vezon. "That belonged to Ghidora, and you just ruined everything! why did you do that?"


Vezon thought for a second, and then said "I... Feel in charge? :P"


Lewa facepalmed. He had had too much of this Skakdi trash. He went to sit in the upstairs restroom and question the existence of Skakdi entirely.


Vezon heard the phone ring. He answered, and the voice on the end said mysteriously "Hello. My name is Shonnen. If I ask this question, will you die?" Vezon's heart started racing. His limbs grew weak. He slumped to the floor, hearing mister Shonnen cackling on the other end of the line. Everything around him started growing darker, his life seemed to be racing down a tunnel to an endless spiral, he-


He stood up and said "Nah, I'm fine." He hung up the phone.



Bored once again, Vezon grabbed a magazine from the shelf called Skakdi digest. He saw some pictures of popular Skakdi and noticed they had spines that were straight, flowing and... "Wait..." He lifted himself up and stared at his back. "Where's mine? Oh, of course. That rotten insurance salesman stole it from me last month. Duh. That, or aliens."


He heard Lewa cutting things up upstairs, and decided to head out for a while. But before he left, he got some rotting pig's feet to throw at people having romantic evenings, and some ice cream for himself. Walking out the door, he walked down the sidewalk until a man with the name "Tyler" tattooed to his arm came up and said "Do you love me?"


Vezon wished he had brought some ice for his knuckles as he walked away, leaving Tyler to taste the walling of his neighbor's house. As he walked along, a friendly chap by the name of Dallior was walking towards him, with a bucketful of chopped liver and pickle water. By the time either one stopped staring at the sky or the ground, they collided. The ice cream fell first, landing upright in its container. The pig's feet next, sticking in the ice cream, followed by the pickle water and sprinkled lightly and delicately with the liver bits.



Vezon stared at the combined mix, and scooped out a pig's foot. He ate it in one bite, as Dallior watched disgusted. After a few seconds, he looked at Dallior and said "Do you want a job?"












Dallior, the wonderful chap, has joined the brawl chaos!

A hearty welcome to Dallior into the chaotic world of nonsense that is Ask Vezon!

Source: Ask Vezon (Unfortunately) TWO!



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