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Birthday recap and more



I remembered I have a blog here.


If you didn't know, yesterday was my birthday. Thankful it wasn't on Thanksgiving this year like it was last year.


This came in the mail yesterday. It was super fun to build, especially since I was on the Creations For Charity 24 hour live stream while I built it. I'll be reviewing it on Brickipedia soon.


The live stream was a lot of fun. I was in it for around 13 hours out of 24, with some sleep in the middle of it. A lot of fun people were on it too including Josh and Matt from Beyond The Brick, Kevin Hinkle, Nannan Z and various other great MOCists, Bryan from BrickWorld, and many others.


I've been listening to Korn and Five Finger Death Punch songs an unusual amount lately.


My first semester of college is almost over. Most memorable moments so far have been completing Crysis 3 over the course of all my Student Development classes, countless hours of GTA in Biology, and back to back Family Guy episodes in English class.


I can now legitimately call myself a professional automotive and portrait photographer having made decent cash on various photoshoots recently. You can follow my photography on the following sites: 500px - Facebook - Instagram - Flickr


About a month ago I was in a bad car accident where a large deer ran into the car. No substantial injuries (except for the deer), and the EMS, police officers, and insurance agent were all surprised that, given the conditions, I kept the car under control and everyone inside safe which is good though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm looking at buying another car soon.


At the start of this month, the LEGO Ambassador Network launched, being my first official year as a LEGO Ambassador. It's been a great privilege.


I've almost certainly left some things out but most likely nobody reading this cares (and frankly I don't either).



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