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XCOM: Enemy Unknown



So I stumbled upon XCOM: Enemy Unknown while mindlessly browsing the Steam Store. Once I looked at it, I was A. bewildered that I had never seen this before and assumed that this rock I had been living under was in fact hindering my knowledge of the outside world and B. instantly hooked. I tried to tell myself that I would wait until the Winter Sale to nab it.


I caved. It's downloading now.


I'm cautiously optimistic, so you guys tell me: was it worth? #worth, even?

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It's definitely a good game; I got it while it was free and spent a few hours in it. It was a little too much information and time investment thrown at me all at once, which is why I haven't played it very much. But if you've got a day or two with some free time I definitely recommend giving it a go.

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I've sunk two hours into it and it's amazing. I'm already getting emotionally attached to my soldiers; Victor "Tectonic" Vargas and Elise "Shield" Gerard are probably gonna save the human race at the rate they're going.


Stay tuned for tears once I start losing soldiers.

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