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From: ~Crowns of stone~



Yaddah yaddah, it's Ghidora with another annoying story. Well, read it if you want.











Another Matoran dropped to the mud, not a word in his mouth. For he was dead.


The Dark Hunters had successfully incinerated a Matoran village and were heading to the Toa stronghold, right after they took care of all the Matoran here. A blast of electricity hit a Matoran and blew it in two.


Only one Matoran was allowed to live, and that was the one I was holding. She squirmed, trying to escape my grasp, knowing whatever we were leaving here alive for was not any good, for no good came from the likes of a Skakdi Hunter.


I can't say none from a Skakdi, for something happened later.



The Ga-Matoran was outfitted with explosives and thrown into the mud. She scrambled away and fled to the Toa fortress. Just what we wanted. She got to the gates and we pulled the trigger. We ran in, firing weapons in all directions and mauling every Toa that insisted to foolishly live. And then it was done. Not a thing remained, only the trickling of blood through holes in the stone. And that was when he came.


The giant Skakdi lumbered and smashed through the guards with little to no effort, while we all burst fire upon him. Sonic attacks, my laser vision, shadow lances, the only thing that seemed to have any significant effect was physically mashing at him. And to get close to him only gave you one second to live.


Giant, completely armored and gunmetal gray, the goliath tumbled through the building with incredible skill. I had not seen a more frightening foe since the legends of Irnakk. At last he came to a stop - Because I was the last being alive.


And I was cornered.


I screamed out in anger at him "What are you, that you killed so many?" His response was simple, quiet and logic carried through his lips. "Because you have killed so many of the Toa, so many Matoran..." he leaned in close "and the Order condemns you.... He finished his sentence with a grin that made my blood curdle. "By the order of Daltrahk." and then he left. No reason why.




The Skakdi warrior finished his story to the disappointed leader of the Dark Hunters. He simply said to him "For your acts of such bravery and courage when cowering, you shall be given a crown." He motioned to Ancient by his side, who pulled out a tombstone with the Hunter's name on it.


"A crown of stone." He then shot the Skakdi with his disintegrating vision.





Well, that was something new. What do yah think?



Source: ~Crowns of stone~

And a bottle of root beer! So, whaddya think?


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