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The Sandman



I'm a big Neil Gaiman fan. But more than anything, I'm a HUGE Sandman fan. I think it revolutionized the graphic novel scene. I credit it with getting me back into an interest in mythology and religion in modern-day literature. I think Dream is such a cool character, and one day that will be my next costume/cosplay.


So naturally I wanted to pay homage.


Two years ago I brought to BrickFair this little fella (and the mosaic):



As soon as that weekend was over, I viciously dismantled the mosaic and got to work on the new one. I've been going at it during this break, and this is how it looks like at the moment:




I hope to have it finished by the time BrickFair VA 2015 rolls around.


Thoughts? Comments? Criticisms? Any are welcome!

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This is awesome. I love Sandman, particularly because of all the mythological elements like you mentioned (that's actually kinda why Gaiman is just one of my favorite authors period--American Gods is his very obvious mythology-filled novel, but pretty much all of his work that I've read has mythological/fairy tale elements, and I love that). 


Anyway, really great job on the mosaic--it's incredibly accurate to that picture you're using. I don't really have any technical comments/criticisms/etc., but just as a fan of the character, it's fantastic and looks amazing. (Awesome job with the Silent too, btw)

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