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From: The Kanohi Force




Chapter 1---



Jakura yanked his head off the table. He had been snoozing away for the past 9 hours. "Huh, what?" Drool pooled from his jaw onto the table. "Oh, uh, hey, guys. I was just, uh... well, yeah." He wiped his mouth and picked his shades up from the table, slipping them into the pocket of his leather jacket.


"So, what's up?"


Arzaki fell from the ceiling, singing, "...living in the moonlight, loving in the sunlight, having a wonderful time..."


He landed on the table and cracked it. "So," he said, after he picked up his face from the table. "What do you wanna do today?"


Ghidora slammed the table angrily. "BE QUIET WHILE WE'RE IN DEH MEETING!!!" He went back to making a card victorian mansion.


The door slammed open, crushing a nearby Hau-shaped night-light (don't ask) as Gukko Lord burst in.




"Wow, so much for the power of shielding!" He pulled up a chair, realized it was made of candy, ate it, then procured another one from Ghidora's pocket. This one was made of worms. He sat on it, satisfied. (Get it? Satisfied?) Only after the others flashed him dirty looks did Gukky realize he was thinking aloud. He simply tossed them some towels to make their looks clean.

"So, what're we up to?"


"finding ways to glare at you." said Ghidora. "Now new business: I need a zipper for my pocket. SOMEONE keeps taking chairs out of it."


Gukko Lord tried, and failed, to suppress a grin. "Why don't you just pull a zipper out of your pocket?"


Dallior simply sighed. He looked at you, the reader sadly while quickly writing down everything happening at the meeting.


"I've got a friend with a pocket dimension full of stuff!" Pohatu said. A Rahkshi-like creature walked in and pulled extra chairs, food and everything they could possibly need out of thin air, then flew out the window.


Ghidora angrily threw a window at the window and sealed it. "No more interruptions Pohatu! now, any other new business?" everyone began to state something about their favorite ice cream flavor, while Ghidora and The 1st Shadow facepalmed.


Gukko Lord was distracted from his ice cream-themed musings just long enough to pull the palms away from Ghidora and ~T1S~. He uprooted them and placed them outside the building, then came back. "So, back to the topic at hand. Pineapple ice cream is the best!"


Jakura blinked once, then twice. He sighed.


"So... what do you guys think about Michael Bay's Transformers?"


Pohatu frowned and barfed out a rock at the mention of Michael Bay's Transformers.


Ghidora looked at ~T1S~ annoyed. He then pulled out his Vezon-mouth megaphone and screamed "ARE YOU DOLTS EVER GOING TO LISTEN?!"



Everything stopped suddenly. Ghidora sat back down in his chair. "Good. Now, we have been questioned by the city commissioner as to why cars, refrigerators and sofas have been crashing down on the sidewalk and harming the orphans that constantly crowd around there." He pulled our a sheet of paper with some notes on it he had scribbled down earlier. He then pulled out an accordion from his pocket and gave the paper and it to Arzaki. "Play this next to the window, it will drive the orphans away." He straightened up. "Now, fourth order of business - ~T1S~ and I are famished." The 1st shadow was about to say something when he continued. "So, I'm going to treat you guys to a little meal. Whaddya want?"


Arzaki instantly said, "I'll take two 6-pieces of spicy chicken nuggets, a medium fry, and a medium Sierra Mist from Wendy's*."


Ghidora whirled to Arzaki. "NO WENDY'S*!!!" He said to Gukko lord "pineapple pizza okay for you voraciousness?" He turned to Pohatu. "What the heck is that rock doing here?" he turned to Jakura "Um..."



At this point, Ghidora was sitting on the center of the table turning to all the members. He quickly sat back in his chair.


Gukko Lord nearly vomited with excitement. "Anything pineapple. I needz it!"

Arzaki inquired, "why no Wendy's*?" Ghidora glared at Arzaki. He then showed him a poster of five nights at Wendy's*: the new theme park. "They're all closed down for the remodeling."


"Well," Arzaki said, "how about Arby's*?"


Ghidora facepalmed, then put the tree away before anyone could plant it. "I'll just cook it myself."


Jakura suddenly responded. "Ghiddy, what do you know about cooking whatsoever?"


Ghidora pulled out a flamethrower and a barbecue.

"Don't call me Ghiddy."


Arzaki made a ball of fire with his hands.

"I can cook."


"Good. Arzali and I will cook. Votes us 2 against 5 we win okay."


Dallior had a wondrous idea. He picked up some SPAM and threw it at the chefs. "be sure to make sure vakama eats some too!"


Ghidora's theory on the artificial food slingshot effect worked perfectly, and the uncooked spam flew back and pelted Dallior in the face. "now stahp it! Ar-arz and I will be getting the food ready and by the looks of it..." he saw Arzaki make a magmatic fireball in his hand.



"it'll be only three minutes."


Gukko Lord grinned. "I see what you did there."


In only a matter of seconds, they were ready and "cooking", Ghidora using electrical mad scientist equipment and a fork, while Arzaki was trying to cook the pizza without burning it. Ghidora worked on ~T1S~'s meal first, mixing up a nice sub sandwich and sliding it to him. ~T1S~ didn' nom it immediately, he waited to see what the meals for the rest were.

He probably shouldn't have.


Arzaki and Ghidora had the pizza on the Frankenstein monster table and were sending a few hundred million volts into it. Fortunately, Ghidora had placed ground wires for the electricity to head into the ground outside, but neglected about the electro-sensitive plumbing in the building. After a few seconds, frankenpizza jumped off the table and ran forward in a mad dash. He careened on the windowsill and flew out to the pavement far below.



Ghidora peeked out of the ninth story window and said "Um... Let's try that differently."


~T1S~ Stood up. Such was that occasion as everyone else sat down immediately. "Well, you" he pointed to you, reader "gave us some suggestions. Should we remodel the basement. Is there a motion to go forward with this proposal?"


Suddenly everyone else broke out in random crazy dance moves. "NOT THAT KIND OF MOTION!!!" said Shadow, trying to be realistic(it failed).


Ghidora said "Yeah, I was thinking about making a game room or a swimming pool down there or something. But wait - Do we even have a basement?"


"I don't really know..." said ~T1S~ "...And I bought this building! If we have a basement, it's news to me!" Arzaki immediately pulled a keg of black powder from under the table and said


"We're one step ahead of you!"



After the tackling of Arzaki occurred and they had wrangled the keg away from him, Ghidora pulled out a phone book from his pocket. "I'll call up a construction crew. They'll find out whether or not we have a basement!" and he began pointlessly searching for a number. Arzaki and Dallior decided to find out for themselves.


Three minutes later, ~T1S~ finished eating the sandwich Ghiddy have gave him. "Wow Ghidora, that was impressive. How did you make tha- AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!"


T|he sound of animals dying mixed in with the tearing of the fabric of whatever this group called reality came from downstairs suddenly. The group clutched their ears and ran screaming to Gukko lord's sound room. Inside it was much more quiet.


"What do we do?!" Shouted Jakura as Pohatu curled up into a ball and whimpered, all the while Gukky bragging about his sound room.


~T1S~ whispered something to Ghidora, and he began pulling hazmat suits and foam swords out of his pocket.


"I meant a REAL weapon." complained Shadow.




They came to the basement they never knew they had. Closer, closer, right into the midst of the horror...


Arzaki and Dallior were singing let it go.


Gukko lord jumped them suddenly, beating Arzaki over the head with the foam sword. "monster! monster! DIE VERMIN! AAAAUUUGHHHH!!!" It took the whole group to pull him off.


Ghidora coughed angrily. "That's not even close to singing whatsoever. This is singing." And Ghidora took off his Hazmat mask and started to sing.




When he finished the whole group's jaws were on the floor. Jakura stuttered and sputtered for a minute as they picked their jaws up. "What the Karz?! I didn't know you could sing so well!!!" he stated in disbelief. Just then, a massive purple dinosaur broke through the door and fell down the stairs. At the bottom the head popped off revealing...


Seven protector of earth sets.


"YAYZ!!!" they all screamed and dove into the sets.


Ghidora later used his pocket to spawn an arcade machine and an Xbox 360, along with a 93" screen HDTV, and they never saw frankenpizza ever again.






...Or did they?


Source: The Kanohi Force



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