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Week #1 at LEGO

Vezok's Friend


And thus the first week at the new job is over. I've completed my first two work assignments and am currently on my third, which I will get back to on Monday. I can't really talk about them, but it involved new sets and building some larger models of my own design for an upcoming display. I learned and saw so many things, that is really doesn't feel like only one week yet. It actually feels a bit unreal to think that last weekend I was still living in my family's house in my own room.


Now this weekend is the first in Billund. Compared to the past 5 days, there is a shocking lack of activity going on right now. Me and another colleague decided to checkout the nearby town of Veilje. It's not big, but bigger than Billund and has a beautiful old town and enough activity and options for food and entertainment that it is quite obvious why a lot of expat designers decide to move there.

Of course, my current residence has the distinct advantage of being only a stone's throw away from the employee store which I will also check out come Monday. ^^


A few small things I can share: I've got around to build some of my own designs after working hours at the office, mostly models I only had in LDD so far, so I hope I get to take photos of them soon. I also put together Smaug from the Hobbit sets to watch over the desk, which is also quite cool, those wings are really something else. And perhaps coolest in terms of builds so far: Mythosix, my villain for the Golden Mask contest which was withdrawn is now standing guard outside the Bionicle design area, so he's in good company.


More cool than that though was the opportunity to meet the other designers, many which I only knew from flickr before. Insanely talented and passionate people all around and it's really great to be able to hang out with them. The work environment in general is super-friendly and healthy. Though, if you think this is only a desk-job I can tell you there is quite a bit of walking involved. Lots of bricks means lots of shelves.

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Love hearing about your new job, even though there's so much you can't share.

I'd like to hear about your coworkers on the Lego City design team once you've had some time to get to know them!

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