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Back in Town + Gali



I'm back home in the city! Flew in last night after a wild night/morning, and with the ensuing head-melting headache and queasiness and the following jet lag from the flight keeping me awake, I basically ended up going straight to class without much rest.


It was nice to be back, though, and I hopped over to the LEGO Store down the block right after class and picked up Gali, and she's standing all cool and mighty on my shelf now.


I've never owned a CCBS set before, so it was a very new build to me and I had a lot of fun, and she's a great set and I'm very happy with her, except I'm having a really frustrating time handling her due to the combined issues of: not being able to maneuver her head without the mask slipping off or getting caught on the shoulders; the axe being heavy enough to tip her over or interfere with posing even with all those friction gears; her legs sliding apart really easily at the hip while nearly all the other ball joints on her are really stiff and require much more force to move, basically making it incredibly hard to make small tweaks to her pose without completely messing everything up. Nonetheless, I managed to snap a bunch of really neat photos and I'm sure I'll get used to the nuances quickly. I apologize for the lack of a proper backdrop and all the clutter, I wasn't really snapping photos with the intent of putting them here but they ended up coming out too nice not to show off :P





Hope y'all enjooooooy :D

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Gali is the best toa set.


I have her posed the same way as you do in the first picture, except she's staring stoically into the distance. 

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