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From: TEXTERMINATION: Lives at steak









Let's begin.





Entry two-1-IV-9000-3.


Karz, it had been too long to remember. All I know is the basics. But i'll say them anyway.




A long while ago, a group called the peuce ones took over the steak industry. That meant they now head the hot sauce complex and anything else BBQ. Which is all Karzahni for us Matoran. Not only that, but our resistance force was pummeled by a group of three called "The delusional quadruplets". They have killed many of our men, and it was a messy job as you can imagine. Heck, those skewers weren't even clean.


But that's not the worst of it. Several Vahki have destroyed the main energy spiral holding up our base, so that means it's only a matter of time before Peuce -4 and his assasins attack and kill us all. But we won't go down without a fight.


Today might be the day, so this is my last entry. Goodbye.


Signed, Vol-Tex.




Vol-Tex finished his entry and turned around to see Burnribs waiting for him. "We have got to be off. The blockade is coming down, and we've got to piece it back together. Well, come on!" Vol-Tex grabbed his weapons and headed out.


Soon, they reached the bottom of the Big Base Quarters, or B.B.Q. Vol-Tex hopped down and then noticed something disturbingly odd. No one was there. No corpses, no blood, just the scent of steaks in the air. Suddenly, an unknown figure shot a blast of purified and intensified hot sauce at Burnribs. It ate through his hips, his linbs, and with one final burp, it had eaten through all of him.



"No... Not Burnribs!" Vol-Tex crawled over to the spot where Burnribs had been. The figure stepped out from the shadows, revealing himself to be none other than...




"Sunlight." Vol-Tex said with disgust, right before Sunlight knocked the wind out of him. He raised his hot sauce launcher, when suddenly a blast hit in the back. He staggered and moaned, and fell to ground, curled into a ball and whimpering. Vol-Tex was suddenly raised off of the ground by Consumo, the world's best steak eater. "Come on! they're storming the base!"



Vahki were everywhere, shooting at the wimpy toothpick supports. With their beef bazookas, Vol-Tex and Consumo kept them at bay(I guess) until Vol-Tex suddenly dropped his bazooka. "Oops...?"


He hadn't done it by himself, for suddenly a sniper bullet dove through the head of Consumo, chucking him down the baseside. Vol-Tex whirled around to face Peuce -4. "It's over, Tex." Said Peuce -4, eyes burning with hatred. "We will win this war... And what will you do about it?" He tossed the now ammo-less sniper rifle aside and pulled out his two rib swords.


Vol-tex barely had enough time to pull out his Prime cut-lass before Peuce attacked him. They clashed until Peuce was disarmed. Voltex tangled with the steakmaster until he had him on the ground. He drew his T-bone sai., and slammed it into Peuce -4's chest.


"NO. NEVER!" said peuce as he instructed the last remaining Vahki to tap the base. With a touch lighter than a fruit fly, the entire thing immediately collapsed with Peuce -4 and Vol-Tex in the remains, dead.



As the crowds gathered around his corpse, Consumo (who had survived just fine somehow) placed a memorial stone, saying "Vol-Tex, savior of the Barbeque foods and a real hero... I guess."




This has been officially approved by Voltex.








Source: TEXTERMINATION: Lives at steak


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