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Been Away for a While




Mostly coz I don't use my laptop much when I'm at home, I watch TV instead. :P So expect more activity when college starts next week.


Anyway, while on holiday I started watching the Hobbit, and then I watched the second part and then the third and then read the book... and then I watched the LotR movies and am reading the book, so yeah, it's been a productive few weeks. :P I initially thought I wouldn't like them much, because I'm not usually a huge fan of elves and dwarves and stuff (dragons I can handle), and I thought I would prefer more ASOIAF style books (with humans and a bit of magic), but turns out that's not the case.


Anyway these three books and then the other ones should keep me busy for a while, and now I'll finally be able to understand all the LotR references that usually go over my head. :P Good times.

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ddyyyyyy :o


Trying to watch the first two hobbit movies right now so that tomorrow I can watch the third one. It's not easy getting through all of them at once. :o

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