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Looking at the schedule for Brick Fiesta this year and considering my own schedule and financial situation, I think I might be able to go this year.


Emphasis on might. I've never gone to a LEGO fan event like Brick Fiesta before, so not entirely sure what to expect. It also depends on anything that might come up on the days its open. I have no big trips or anything else scheduled for July 23-26, but just the same, sometimes things come up when you least expect it (like my grandfather's funeral last year, which I think I blogged about here).


It also depends on gas prices. As of this writing, gas is $1.79 a gallon in my area (unbelievable, I know). If gas prices go back up during the summer, I probably won't go (unless they go up only by maybe a couple of cents or something like that).


But I've been thinking about going to Brick Fiesta for years now, with the biggest obstacle being a lack of money and distance. I do have some money now, more than enough to fund a trip to Austin and back, but July is still quite a ways away and six months is more than enough time for something big to come up, so I don't want to make any real commitments to it just yet.


I just wanted to know if any of my fellow BZPers (whether Texan or just visiting) have been to Brick Fiesta and if so, what they thought about it. Interested in hearing y'all's experiences 'cause if Brick Fiesta is no good, I definitely won't go even if gas prices stay this low (or get even lower) and I have the time and transportation to do so.


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I've been to Brick Fiesta twice, and I plan on going again this year!


The first year was the best, IMO, because it was in Austin and I feel that the venue there was the most fun (thanks to the many things to check out and do outside of the convention). Since it's going to be in Austin again this year, I'm hoping that this will be the best and biggest Fiesta yet.


The best way I can describe it is that it's like all the pictures you see of Brickfair VA or BrickCon, but the venue's going to be smaller (so I guess more like Cascade or the newer cons). Less MOCs and less vendors (though if this would be your first LEGO con experience I think that's perfect. Brickfair VA was my first and it was kind of overwhelming).  I think the key question to consider is how interested you are in seeing many MOCs in person and interested you are in buying custom pieces and other cool stuff from vendors. Not to mention the free sets (can't forget about those!)


For the two times I was able to attend (Austin and Dallas), I loved the MOCs and displays. Kevin Hinkle was also there (both times), hosting a panel for AFOLs to ask all sort of wonderful questions (monorail?). Here's a short wrap-up post with pictures you want an idea of what kind of MOCs to expect.  I talked about it on a BZPowercast episode too, but I'm not gonna dig around to find that -- I basically said what I just wrote here I think. 


I'll be honest though: I mostly go to LEGO cons just to hang with people like DeeVee, Nukaya, Black Six, etc. I'm going to Brick Fiesta this year mostly because it's only like 15 minutes away. :P


Overall, it's no Brickfair VA, but Fiesta is a decent con. I'd recommend attending. 

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