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Legoland, the Silent Hill edition

Vezok's Friend


Three weeks pass quickly. Even more so when you have so much fun at work that you start looking forward to Mondays (Crazy, right?) It's been really cold here this week in Billund and I think I saw the sun about three times in total. And this was the view (or lack thereof) on the way home from work tonight. It's just missing the sirens for that real horror game feel.




On the upside, quite a number of the new designers have banded together and organized a number of activities despite the lackluster weather. And in addition, I've been assigned my first set at work. Super exciting! Also, if things go well, there might be pictures from an upcoming presentation. I'll have to see if I can share those.


PS: Had to add a disclaimer box for legal reasons.

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"Even more so when you have so much fun at work that you start looking forward to Mondays"


That made me really happy inside for some reason. Yay LEGO job!

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