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Ten thousand Bricks and counting

Vezok's Friend


I just realized I've been working here for 3 weeks now and have probably gone through 10000 bricks or more, easily. I guess as being hired from the AFOL community, building stuff just for fun after hours as a hobby is not as common as one would think. It is a job after all, even if it's the best in the world so far. But staying a little longer and chatting with the other colleagues is great fun and it's nice to be able to chat for a few hours and exchange thoughts on designs and bounce ideas off of each other. =)


I guess that's what happens if you have a whole backlog of models only ever finished in LEGO Digital Designer and then decide to try them out as physical models. Five are done (pictures will follow in the next few weeks I hope), and two more are WIPs, including an old favourite I never got to finish before: A Minifig scale AT-AT walker. Head and feet are done already, the rest will follow.


I also noticed my BFTGM entry, Mythosix, that was withdrawn from the contest but came to work with me, keeps moving around the Bionicle design area. XD

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