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A Top 10 List



Since Bionicle is back and Hero Factory is over, I thought I would make a list of my favorite HF sets:


10. Black Phantom. Black Phantom kicks off our list with his cool ball-on-a-stick design and adorable pet. Truly fitting to be called the Green Nightmare Lord. Only reason he's not higher up is because of his odd bulk and the fact that said pet's legs come off too easy.


9. Evo 2.0. Evo's weapon is just so much more awesome and practical than the other 2.0 heroes. His spike can also be used like a dagger. By the way, it's my personal headcannon that Evo is Von Nebula in disguise.


8. Stormer XL. Big sword? Check. Weapon that looks like an ice cannon once you get past its launcher? Check. Chain? Check. Droney things? Check. Looses points for looking stupid.


7. Frost Beast. His claw is very nice and sharp looking. His is the exact opposite, relying on his sheer force to cut through his enemies. His mouth is also perfectly shaped for breathing out frost breath. Fun Fact: I also like frost and am a beast.


6. Waspix. Waspix really rocks the four arms. The upper arms stab, slice, and scratch through foes, while the lower arms pull electo-grenades out of Waspix's stinger tail, which is another thing you should beware.


5. Rotor. Rolor's main draw is his little gas arm, which is capable of spewing out two type of gas, maybe more. His propeller may be a little loose, but it helps spread these gases in addition to granting flight capabilities. Rotor looks sufficiently fit to guard anything, whether it be bell tower or dimensional portal.


4. Scorpio. It's a giant scorpion with so many body parts, you'd have to fight them all individually and fists that look like they could shoot arrows. What's not to love?


3. Crystal Beast. If this list were ordered by glacialness, Crystal Beast would probably be at the top. Her color, structure, and size are all really cool. Her breath probably sparkles. Combined with more sharp claws, Bulk will not be breaking her egg. Looses A LOT of points for requiring modification to fix the awful color scheme.


2. Meltdown. Or as I like to call him, Prince Meltdown. He's not really the prince of anything, but it sounds cool. He's one of Von Nebula's, and by extension, the entire Nightmare force's best scientists. His unique hand design really helps with this. Also know Nightmare Judo for self-defense. And when he fails to defend himself, there's always the fact that he turns into a radioactive, acid spewing spirit on death. Like Crystal Beast, loses points for requiring modification to be good.


1. Thornraxx. Here we are, at the end of my list. Thornraxx tops it for a few reasons: Great color scheme. Claws that rip straight enemies, even if they try to heal, and, most importantly, the fact that Thornraxx is just so fun to walk around with. Unlike the previous two, Thornraxx does not require any modifications, but I do recommend removing the orange tubes.


There you have it.

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I almost forgot about Rotor.  Man, that set was great.  It make me think that Hero Factory sets might become the bigger, better BIONICLE sets I wanted.  Then CCBS happened and became its own thing.


Thornraxx is very appropriately placed.  Such a good design, such good colors, such fantastic parts.

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This is irrelevant, but I misread your blog title as "Ice Cravings"

Considering the icing incident this isn't too different

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This is irrelevant, but I misread your blog title as "Ice Cravings"


Considering the icing incident this isn't too different

[roomful of BZPers voice] CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG

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Stormer XL looks like either a badly misshapen Iron Giant or a badly misshapen Iron Giant. Plus I liked Crystal Beast, especially that hilarious voice you gave her, I still laugh about that!

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