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Welp, it's time for the daily blawg.


So, today I was trolling the forums, looking for news of new sets, when suddenly, I saw this! http://ukonio.de/wp-content/gallery/lego-spielwarenmesse-2015/lego-new-sets-spielwarenmesse-bionicle-toy-fair-2015-andres-lehmann.jpg!




So, I thought that I would tell you, loyal reader, what I think of the new sets, or the Skull Gang,


1. Skull Slicer Est. Price: $20


So, let's start with this one. It looks like the nemesis of Lewa, due to the trans-green Lewa mask and other Jungle-y things in the promo art. I find it a little sad that his mask is just a silver Skull Spider mask, but he does have "skull" in the name! He appears to have two legs and four arms, and none of them have any armor... at all. But, you know what they say, the best defense is a good offense! And he sure seems to think so! He's holding a mask-grabbing chain, a new sword mold (YAY), and some other un-see-able stuff in the other hands. We think his gears activate all four arms, so more playability! YAY!


2. Skull Scorpio Est. Price: $20


Next, this hulking beast. First of all, he (He? She? It?) appears to be wearing a mix of Breez and Bruizer's masks from HF: BA, and he holds Pohatu's trans-yellow mask hostage. This may be a nod, or even a companion to LoSS, though it doesn't look as Technic-y, with IFB bone pieces for legs and OH MY GOSH, IS THAT A TAIL?! Some rubber band-y, double bladed flame-thrower thing acting as a tail. Playability? Potentially high. Tail appearance? GAG ME WITH A MUKAU


3. Skull Warrior (the bow guy) Est. Price: $20


Next up, the anti-freeze to defrost Kopaka. He appears to be wearing a NEW MASK, and holds Kopaka's trans-blue/gold mask of awesome in it's clutches. Now, this is a set! Plenty of armor (but not too much; he's still pushing the skeleton look) and good weapons! First, a cool new sword (NEW MOLDS! YAY!) and... is that... YES! IT IS ! IT'S A GATLING LAUNCHER USED OUTSIDE OF A PROTECTOR SET!!!! (PAUSE: To describe my joy, go watch Harry Potter Goblet of Fire. Go to the dragon scene. See Hermione screaming "YES!! YES!!" at the top of her lungs whilst crying happily when Harry comes into view? That's me right now.) Plus, the trans bone pieces used to enhance the "bow" effect is WAY better than the PoJ's "bow". Plenty of new pieces, armor, weapons... this looks like the best so far!


4. Skull Basher Est. Price: $20 again


Coming to the end of the normal villains, we have this beast-mode hulking elephant thing, ready to bash Onua into the ground he loves so much. He holds Onua's Barney-colored mask on a tiny little stand, and he himself wears... we don't know. The picture has his arms covering his face. Dang it. But, we do see little purple tusks coming out. He wields two BEAUTIFUL NEW SWORDS, a lot of new armor plating, and an apparent hatred of everything. This guy has new pieces coming out of his ears (if he has ears. We don't know. Cuz we cant see his face. :( ) and is ready to kill.


5. Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder Est. Price: Probably $35 or $40 based on a rough conversion from pounds to dollars.


FINALLY, the set that has everything we've been waiting for. This is so massive, let's check out Ekimu first, shall we?

Part A, Ekimu: Apparently, Ekimu has been revived (dang it, should have watched the leaked BIONICLE animations when I had the chance!) and is ready to fight. He is (strangely to me) the size of a Protector, has armor BIGGER THAN HIS HEAD, and wields his trademark hammer, and a new saw-shield (with a Disney Princess wheel on it.) He has his golden Protector mask on, (PRAISE GREGF!) but seems to be going for, you guessed it, THE MASK OF CREATION. THE MASK THAT'S BEEN TALKED ABOUT SINCE 2007 AND IS FINALLY IN SET FORM. YES. But, before he can get back his Mask of Power, he's got to go through...

Part B, Skull Grinder: The titan villain set that HF trademarked, we have ourselves THE BIGGEST BADDIE in this wave. We see a fancy new mask (the same as Skull Warrior's, I think) and a club ready to smite anything ever. With armor plating even on his back, a concept always teased in Hero Factory, shown in Chima Ultrabuilds, and revived in this bad-tush baddie, and new armor, this dude is ready to take on the entire island. If it took all 6 Toa to beat LoSS, they'll need some heavy artillery from Ekimu to even think about bringing down this behemoth.



REVIEWS DONE. Too tired to conclude it. Have a nice day.

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Pretty sure most of the sets are $15USD instead of $20, except maybe Basher which looks like a $20 set to me, while Grinder and Ekimu will be $35USD. Don't remember where I heard that though.

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@P:MoS Yes, these are allowed. This wasn't a "leak" and the photo's even on the BZP homepage.


@Chro Well, the price estimations were guesses based on the exchange rate of pounds to dollars.

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The exchange rate shouldn't be taken so literally. These sets are the same price (in pounds) as the winter's medium sets, and as you can see in that picture the boxes are the same size. These are $15.

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