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ANNOUNCING... A Tale Of Nightmares And Power...




Sorry, Voltex. Ripped the name of this post off his. :P





I'm bringing to the RPG forum a powerhouse of a storyline. Something so difficult, quiet, and deadly, only the bravest, most honest will survive. This... Is the Asylum.

In the first RPG to show you CAN have Toa that are not overpowered, you play as a Toa brought to an asylum on a far-fetched rumour that all Toa are insane. Only when you get there do you realize that two Toa are trying to make you, all your friends, and everyone else there into weapons of death.


And to top it all off, there is a monster roaming the halls at night, pulling your own Toa energy away to use for itself.


Now, the ones who do survive will have to traverse the darkness... Outwit the guards.. And survive for the twisted ending... And the ones who make it will find new life, outside of a cell, In the reality of their destined world.



So... Are you up to the challenge?



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