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First entry!



Hello all, this is my first entry.


I'd like to thank GSR and his donators for providing me with a Premier membership via his giveaway. I haven't exactly figured out what I plan to do with this blog but mostly likely it'll be art-related stuff and also sharing cool Bionicle stuff found outside the realm of BZPower, such as this production piece by Kun Chang, who was the director of Watchdogs and also did conceptual work for the Phantom Menace and Fifth Element. Not sure if this is official work he did for LEGO, but it's Bionicle :D




So yeah, that's my first entry



Here's another treat


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Welcome to the Blogosphere! That concept art is very cool, never seen it before.


On another note, I'm slightly confused as to why there is a Kraata next to Hewkii and Macku.



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