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TEXTERMINATION: Lives at steak: part three





CHAPTER 3... That's a magic number :lol:






Jimayo woke up. Which was not good, considering he wanted to sleep. He also suddenly breathed, when he was underwater. After a coughing attack, he could breath again.


"Dang it, you're- Uh, I mean yayz, you're fine! Ugh..." a voice of utter unimportance said from the background. JiMayo turned to face a Po-Matoran, who wore a Kakama with a steakhouse symbol on it. "BGRKoro... Any survivors?"


"Well..." he pulled out a platter. "Three ribroasts and a side of-"


"ANY PEOPLE SURVIVORS?!" He said through gritted teeth.


"Well, nobody really great... I'm pohatu, by the way." Jimayo looked at the Matoran odd. "But... Pohatu was a legendary Toa."


"Oh, I named myself in his honor. *sniffle*"


JiMayo sighed. "Well, where's your leader?"




"Dead." an awesome voice said from the back of the room. In stepped a Ga-Matoran with a battle-torn look. "The name's Ghidora. Anybody still there on BGRKoro with life in them is being found by the peuce ones at this very moment. Besides that, I and Glazed have taken command, kind of."


"...Glazed? who's that?" JiMayo said.


Ghidora snapped his fingers. Chicken fingers, of course. He ate them and called to Glazed "(gulp) Hey Glazed, get over here! Mayoman wants to talk to yah!"


Glazed rolled her eyes and walked over. "Hey, the name's Shadow of the doomed and deceased ignited into flames of scorching agony - But for absolutely no reason at all, you can call me Glazed."



"Riiight... Well, when do we land?" The vehicle jolted and landed. Pohatu looked at him, then to his wristwatch, and in an absentminded tone "In about five minutes, I think. And how did your ship crash?"


"Lightsparrow was working for the peuce ones the whole time." JiMayo said, anger burning in his eyes.


Pohatu and Ghdora followed JiMayo out of the vehicle as Veganstep woke up. "what did I miss?"






Agent 263 paused as se loaded her sniper rifle and took aim at two Matoran in the street - apparently talking about where to eat.


"So, Chambliss, where should we eat?"




"Well, I do like the steakhouse in le metru. What about you?"




"I'd do for Chinese cuisine at the moment, but I must watch my stomach issues."




"Ooh, Chinese does sound excellent, Lord Kumadu. Let us be off!"




"Say, do you hear a gun being fired?"




"No... Do you?"






Agest 263 angrly threw her sniper rifle on the ground and stomped it. Then, a specialized Vahki unit known as a Bread unit appeared and took aim. "You are an invalid ingredient die."


Agent 263 cringed and expected death, but was met by it folding up and falling on the ground. Peuce eleventy-seven walked up. "Well, nice to see you, mate!"


Agent 263 smiled weakly, but was distracted by a Matoran coming out from hiding. "Ah, Tavahka! come on, we have work to do!"


Tavahka groaned as Agent 263 moved him along at the point of a gun. Soon they came across three destroyed Bread units and a Matoran named Letagi. "I-I burped." he said with a :bigsmile:.


"Yayz, this is great! come along then!" peuce eleventy-seven said as they continued on their way.





"ToaST, I told you not to assemble a dinner committee!" Taco nuiva said as she entered the office area of... Somewhere.


"Yeah, but I frankly don't care. We have to win this war and paintings can't fight, y'know." ToaST said as he took a seat.


"Karz, I'm yo boss, got it? so you do what I say!"


ToaST grabbed a vader mask before speaking again. "Do you think you're being treated unfairly?"


"Never mind." She complained.


"Goods!" He said, smiling as he threw the mask off. "Now, what do you guys want from Arby's?"


"A root beer." Said Munchy, from the corner of the room.


"And a side of fries." a voice said as Xareas entered the room, making dumpsters look respectable at this point.


Taco gasped slightly, then remained seated. ToaST started again.


"Vol-Tex is gone, so me and Taco are in charge. And we're going to attack the Peuce ones before they take down another eatery."


Vinylstep arrived. "BGRKoro... Is gone. Bombs were placed all over by Lightsparrow,and now... It's with atlantis."


"G-Gone?!" Taco shouted, horror in her eyes.


"See? SEE?! this has to end!" ToaST shouted. "We've got to stop this monstrosity from destroying all of the world!"


"Fine, whatever." Rider of Kikanalo said. "What do you want?"






Vol-Tex stumbled out of the teleporter. "Where am I?" He thought. Suddenly, a side panel opened up and three Matoran entered... The delusional quadruplets. Quisauce laughed an evil laugh. "Oh, silly Tex. You can't stand a chance against us, not with your bare fists."


Suddenly, a Po-Matoran rocketed forwards and girly slapped Quisauce into the other two quadruplets. Then, a White Matoran threw a biscuit into the midst, spewing white bread everywhere. "Come on!"


The Matoran raced down the halls for about twenty seconds before everyone took a break. Vol-Tex took about twenty minutes catching his breath before answering.


"Are you... TXS?"


"Yabetcha." TXS replied. "Welcome to the red star, by the way. So... Yeah. Want to get lunch?"



Source: TEXTERMINATION: Lives at steak



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