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From: TEXTERMINATION: Lives at steak




CHAPTER 5 (because I can't count)





Peuce 82 sat grumbling, as peuce 9 talked lazily about the weather and sports. Of course, his real name was Ehks, but he left his wallet back home. He kinda liked being Peuce 82 but he also absolutely hated it. Suddenly, with a crash and a lot of shouting, in poured the delusional quadruplets.


"What the Kar- Uhh I mean stand and report." Peuce 9 said with a very annoyed tone.


"Oh, Vol-Tex arrived." Quisauce said. "Yeah, and he whipped us bad. But we picked up some hot sauce! :bucktooth:"


Peuce 82's face lit up with anger. "You let that little Karzed imbecile Vol-Tex get in?! Why you..."


"Don't look at us, boss." Undersauce stated. "He had friends. That, and your eyes are scary."


Ehks Peuce 82 growled. "Come along, we've got a Tex to hunt." Peuce 9 stared at them, shaking his head.





Peuce eleventy-seven ran along, skipping happily and imagining to pick flowers... While Portalfig cowered in fear, being dragged along by Agent 263. At the location to stop at, Portalfig saw he - and the others - were in the base of the coliseum. He stuttered and spat, as Letagi grumbled along. Suddenly, a voice rumbled from behind that shocked everyone in the group.





Peuce 0.6 stood there, fumiong with rage, holding a beef bazooka in his hands. "I will kill you all..." he whispered.


After a few moments of however close to thinking anyone could get in that group, Peuce eleventy-seven said "HAMMER TIME!!!" an rushed forward, proceeding to turn peuce 0.6 into bloody mulsh at the tune of the music. After it was all over, Portal fig ran up and stabbed a random part. "Yayz, I did something!" and began to dance.


"Come along, dangit, we've much more to see!" Peuce eleventy-seven said, smiling through gritted teeth.





Shadow of the doomed and deceased ignited into flames of scorching agony - er, I mean Glazed - was standing on a guard at the rebellion outpost, while Aiwendil tried posting a picture of the rebellion.


"How about this one: The rebellion against the galactic empire. Ooh, that sounds cool!"


Glazed was about to tear the wonderful idea to smithereens, when she saw a Ta-Matoran approach. "Stay where you are! We'll be right there." She and Aiwendil raced downstairs on Mario karts before landing by the front gate. After a few moments Aiwendil threw a banana peel at her. "Ow, stahp it!" she snapped. "All right, whaddya want?"





"Ha! gotcha, didn't I? I'm looking for a warrior of the rebellion to come speak with my boss-man." Chambliss said.


Before giving Aiwendil a chance to respond, she had taken off with him in a Mario kart: Double dash! kart. Aiwendel gave a saddest face :crying: look before leaving to prep the poster.


C|hamblis drove like a madman, heading to every other place that had a scene attached to it before arriving at an alleyway that smelled of illegal toxins. Glazed got out and strode around dizzily for a while until she saw two blood red eyes staring from the back alleyway. "Kumadu...? You're not Kumadu."


"Wrong." The figure said with a dark voice. "I'm Batman."




"Okay, I'm Luroka, dang it! now shut it!"






"Are you ready, my son?" asked TXS. Before Vol-Tex could say anything back, the wall burst open. Inside, Vol-Tex saw many familiar faces.


"G-Guys?" he stammered, trying to figure out how everyone smelled like tacos. "how did you die?" Chro asked.


Vol-Tex shook his head. "Didn't. Teleported up here. Using an invention of Ehks'." TXS quickly responded. "This is everyone we could save."


"And others." Blade scoffed in the back.


"Whoa, what?" Vol-Tex stammered. "You're... different."


"That's right - I'm dead." With that, Blade pulled out a gun and shot herself in the head. The group fell silent for a while.


"Um..." Vol-Tex tried to figure out something, but to no avail.


"AS IN OTHER NEWS," TXS said, trying to forget what just happened. "Anyone else that was killed - was re-killed by the shadow. Sumiki, Lhikevvik, Flaredrick, Squishy, ham on rye, tenderloin steak, grilled chicken..."


At this point TXS's mouth was drooling. Vol-Tex snapped his fingers to get him to concentrate. "Urm, uh, yes. And Ehks survived. But he re-joined the white council... And he's still attacking us."


"He's bound to come looking for me," Vol-Tex said, "Most likely in all the wrong places. That gives us a silver-glazed opportunity."


TXS and all the others looked at him.


"To destroy the red star."



Source: TEXTERMINATION: Lives at steak


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