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Those Ninjago sets look pretty good but I know next to nothing about the plot of Ninjago.


So here's my guess as to what the plot of Ninjago is, based on nothing but the sets:


2011: Ninjas start being trained by the old beard guy to defeat the evil skeletons, who threaten to destroy the ninjas for some reason. There's also some evil dude named Marmalade or something who commands them who's pretty much the Makuta of Ninjago as I understand it. They succeed and the skeletons get punched out of 2011 to 2015 Bonkle where they will enact their revenge on the Toa. Marmalade survives though.


2012: Marmalade decides to do the exact same thing he did with skeletons, but this time with snakes as skeletons were too bony, so he is now in command of the skeletons. The Ninja get upgrades somehow and this green dude comes out of nowhere, kind of like Takanuva did for the Toa Nuva except this guy wasn't a normal guy who put on a Ninja hood of green and transformed into a ninja like how Takua put on the Avohkii and transformed into Takanuva. Snake dudes are also poisonous.


2013: Not much happened this year except everyone got a vehicle or a creature of some sort to ride to breach a temple of light or something in the hopes of finding the Ninja Hoodvohkii, the Ninja Hood of Light or something. The bad guys are... still Marmalade except with clones this time, as snakes and skeletons didn't work.


2014: The Borg invade Ninjago somehow, which is a city somehow, populated by ninjas probably. They assimilate old beard guy and the white ninja guy with their evil borg ninja while also somehow purifying Marmalade who is now not-evil. He dies heroically probably or turns evil again and it was all a disguise and is killed for it, because he doesn't appear in 2015. Other than that, not much happened this year either.


2015: The snakes return for revenge probably, this time without Marmalade, and also some of them have become human somehow, probably to better combat the ninjas as snakes generally don't have arms or legs although they do have venomous fangs. Or maybe they're evil snake hunters who have killed the snakes and are wearing them on their heads as a show of superiority, in an attempt to threaten the ninjas. There are also mechs loaned from the late HERO Factory, which went bankrupt, because the Ninjas also have a dragon problem in addition to a snake problem. and maybe even later a snake-dragon problem.The only way to win is to beat the snakes or something. Old beard guy is good again too and wants to atone for his crimes probably.


I don't know how inaccurate or accurate this is, but... I'm just going to repeat that the Ninjago sets look pretty good. Probably one of the better system themes of this year.


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I take it you don't want corrections posted here? :P


But really, Marmalade? How do you get that from Garmadon? I guess both have "arma" in them?



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That's how you get Marmalade.


I might as well mention that I hate Marmalade (and marmite) while I'm on this train of though.

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Some corrections:

  • "Marmalade" is not in charge of the snakes. In fact, he and the snakes are bitter enemies, and he is allied with the Ninja for a good deal of that story arc (though he betrays them at the end).
  • The Green Ninja actually IS a normal guy before putting on the green ninja costume. Well, relatively normal, anyway. He's "Marmalade's" son.
  • "Marmalade" is actually redeemed at the end of the 2013 arc, well before the "Borg" invade.
  • The white ninja guy isn't assimilated by the "Borg". He has actually always been a robot. In fact, he's what the "Borg" were based on.
  • "Marmalade" totally appears in 2015. He's in this set. A character does die heroically at the end of the 2014 story, but it's not him.
  • In the 2015 story, the snakes don't become human. Other way around, actually.
I definitely encourage you to check out the Ninjago TV series. It's very good! The first episode is called "Way of the Ninja".
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