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From: TEXTERMINATION: Lives at steak









Portalfig gulped as he entered a room filled with the peuce ones - peuce -4, peuce 2015, peuce 131, peuce fruo, peuce 5%, peuce #, peuce eleventy-seven, and peuce L. He shivered behind peuce eleventy-seven's chair and rocked it with his shivering.


Peuce 5% rocketed forwards and pointed at him. "WHAT WERE YOU EATING, HUH PUNK?!"



A large silence fell over the room.


By the time everybody had taken the massive silence off themselves, peuce -4 had shut everybody up. "The others will be here soon. We are nearing the final battle."


"B-but I like this comedy!" peuce 2015 said. Peuce -4 angrily shoved a sign in front of him that said 'NO FOURTH-WALL SHATTERING'.


Now, all of you will be fighting In it, and I want NO survivors. I shall be atop the coliseum..." peuce -4 said, a small smurf appearing on his face. "I am expecting a vis- OH SERIOUSLY NOT AGAIN!!!" he placed the smurf in the paper shredder.





Peuce 82 opened the doors to find peuce ten-tative and peuce 0.6 blabbing to each other - and not about pleasant things.


"Peuce 0... Peuce 2... What did you do this time?" peuce 0.6 said in disbelief.


"Zip it." peuce 82 said as he shoved Vol-Tex forwards, the delusional quadruplets fast asleep in a corner. They put a hoola-hoop around Vol-Tex, the cylinders on his wrists making him cower with fear. He was about to pass out from the stress of being that close. Vol-Tex whispered something insignificant, causing peuce ten-tative to step forwards and ask him what he said.


"What did you say?"


Vol-Tex ignored him and turned to peuce 82. "Why must you do this?" (insert sad song) "We've done so much... Been heroes... And you go and turn around, making eeevil and killing anyone who isn't a shriveled briquette."


Peuce ten-tative slammed his knee into Vol-Tex's chin, saying "I don't need any plot reminders, twit!"


Suddenly Ehks stepped in between.




"I may have done those things, and swore my allegiance to the peuce ones, and I may have even murdered a bunch of Karzed losers. But nobody calls MY disrespected dumpheap of a friend a twit." He slammed the hilt of his sword into peuce ten-tative's face, and kicked the cylinders off of Vol-Tex. Vol-Tex tripped peuce 0.6 and ran over to cower behind Ehks. "So, Ehks," he said, "it's about time... And I'm not a dumpheap."


Before Ehks could plan a comeback, the wall tore open and a Matoran, lousiness blazing, smashed peuce 0 in the face with a full power Falcon Punch. "Attack! uh, I mean ATTACK!!!"


Ehks saw the rest of the Matoran he knew pour in; Zakaro, Chro, Blade's corpse, Unit struggling under the weight of Blade's corpse, RG, Consumo, Valentine, Kaliente, and Smoked Ribs, all before Vol-Tex tackled him away from shotgun fire. "Listen," Vol-Tex said, "I need you to crash this ship. Breaks the controls, you know, that sort of thing. I'm after peuce ten-tative."


"Right-o," Ehks said, and carefully eyed peuce 2. Behind him was the controls. "Oh, come and get me... Ehksmahboy XD" he taunted.


As soon as Ehks flew through the air and swung his sword, peuce 2 sliced through his arm. With a cry of http://nooooooooooooooo.com/, he fell to the ground, whimpering.


"Not so special anymore, huh?" peuce 2 said as he came and raised his sword. "Too bad there;s no one with a shotgun to conveniently come sav-"






Peuce 2's corpse fell to the ground, devoid of an ugly face that was there. Quisauce barrel-rolled the shotgun and helped Ehks up. "I have been working for the peuce ones for years, but I never unleashed my true form."





Ehks frowned and stood, grabbing the sword with his other hand as peuce 2, devoid of a face(no matter how ugly), moaned and groaned until Ehks stabbed him through the head. The computers he was lying on sparked and blared loud annoying rock music. He came to Vol-Tex and said "We need to get out of here. There's a bunker in the generator room, we can go there."






Peuce ten-tative slammed into Vol-Tex, sending him into the room next door - the generator room. Go figure. Anyways, the gravity systems shut off, and Kestora began pouring in around them. Vol-Tex killed one after Undersauce and turned to talk to Blade's corpse.


"Listen, we've got to get out of here! get people in the bunker, and spread the word about Ehks coming back!"


The muffled sound of Unit replying in a girly pitch sounded very strange, but Vol-Tex didn't even have time to worry. Peuce ten-tative and peuce 0.6 attacked him and Consumo. With a nod, both Consumo and him attacked, Consumo catching the tip of his massive fork on both peuce 0.6's face and a Kestora. As for peuce ten-tative, he got a knife to the throat and then a sword to the neck by Vol-Tex.


Peuce 0 suddenly sprung forward, floating through the air and whappig everyone he saw. Consumo, Ehks, and Unit struggling under the weight of Blade eventually made it to the bunker, yanking Vol-Tex in as well. Everyone else was already in there - Except Zakaro.


"YODA!!! uh, ZAKARO!!!" Unit's high-pitch voice shrieked. Zakaro chucked the peuce Turaga in and then crawled in himself. The doors decided to crush peuce 0's head, then again, then again, then again...


They saw TXS playing with the door switch. They got him away from it and closed the doors. Before long the bunker shattered off, and Vol-Tex spared a worried glance at Blade's corpse before everything went peuce black.




Ehksmahboy - er, Ehks - was sitting when he woke up, Vol-Tex plopped down beside him. "Well, let's end this party with a bang, shall we?"



Blade's corpse, with Unit behind it, muffled out something about asparagus.



To be continued.



Source: TEXTERMINATION: Lives at steak



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