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Update with Pictures! (Including new Sets)

Vezok's Friend


Hey folks, it's been a quiet few days, but settling in here and just adjusting to everything has been quite exhausting, so coming home there is little will to go on social media and such. However, today there was finally time to go through the pictures that were taken the past couple of weeks and I can show some of the things I've been working on here finally. LEGO World happened last weekend and the Wednesday before it me and a a few others from the City design team headed down to Copenhagen to help set up the display showcasing the current, upcoming and past lineup of products.


Setting up was a massive undertaking as a whole. The convention center makes Brickfair seem like a cozy family event in comparison.


Building the display was somewhat familiar in terms of crawling over under and building on tables, though there was a lot more planning involved and we had a few stressful moments too. And yes, warning vests were required attire, to prevent getting run over by a Forklift, MST3K style.


The final display after 10 hours of work.


Here is the lineup of upcoming Deep Sea Explorer Sets. My primary contribution to the display was the boxes with the underwater scenery. One of my first assignments was to design their layout and then to build it with the help and under the guidance of one of my senior colleagues. Having been Scuba diving quite a few times, no reference was needed to get a proper look.


A few pictures of the new sets. Sorry for the poor quality. There was little time to get good photos and the lighting was subpar.








Some other snapshots:


How many Bionicle parts do you need? The answer is all of them.


The new Demolition Expert Sets. I built the damaged building to the left.


Just because there was no room for an F1 track doesn't mean there's no room for a race.


The new upcoming Cargo Train.


The city fire department has its priorities straight.




That's it for now, more pictures next time, hopefully! Cheers!



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Oh man, don't know if you can answer questions but I might as well try!


How's the new ship/ferry hull? Can we assume it floats? And if so, does that mean that the submarine that comes with it features waterproof stickers like most floating boat hulls? Do ALL the submarines feature waterproof stickers?


And perhaps most importantly—did you do any work on the designs of these sets themselves? Or will it be another year or so before we start to see your handiwork?

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Hehe, well, in this case I can answer:


Oh yes it floats. It's a pretty rugged design and has a neat 1 plate thick depression in the lower deck to fit a 16x16 plate into to make the rear of the whole thing flush. As for the stickers I am not sure. I've been out of the age of taking LEGO boats into a bathtub for so long, I never thought about the stickers until now, actually.


And no, all of them were designed before I started. However, I did get to build the ones you see on the display there. As far as I know my first model that I am currently designing will come out in 2016. But aside from that, I don't know since most of my work is conceptual atm.

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