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~Piraka Contest~



Hey hey hey!


It's time for my first-ever contest!




So, basically what you need to do to win is create a custom Piraka head design similar to the size of the one you're copying(extra points for Vezon). Remember, the entire head, not just the while skull-thingy.


Contest lasts a week. When the entries are submitted, i'll take a look at them and decide the winner.



Prizes are nothing too great:


1st place gets a comedy or a short story made just about them, winner's choice either one


2nd place gets a roll in a comedy or short story about the 1st place winner


3rd place gets a part in a comedy of mine





Well, what are you waiting for? get building!

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This is my entry. It's based off of Irnakk, the nightmare that doesn't really exist:








































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Nope. Irnakk doesn't really exist, so my custom design for his head also does not exist. :D

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Sorry, either give a real entry or don't waste my time.


But... it is a real entry ;__;

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I don't see a picture of an LDD or actual brick/bonkle contraption there, so it doesn't count as an entry.

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