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Psionics Piraka Solutions

Takuma Nuva



This has absolutely nothing to do with my RPG; I'm not making rules for 100+ combinations. But I was still unsatisfied with not knowing how a Piraka of Psionics would combine their powers with a Piraka of a different element. Somehow, the gears in my mind finally got unstuck today and I've come up with a list of possible solutions that I think satisfy. Granted, these effects are all telepathic in nature. If you want some sort of physical manifestations go figure it out on your own.

  • Fire: Severe headache
  • Earth: Increased suggestibility
  • Stone: Stubbornness
  • Ice: Reduced memory retention
  • Air: Less compassionate
  • Water: Loose-lipped
  • Sonics: Distracted, unable to focus
  • Gravity: Sense of despair
  • Plasma: Increased irritability
  • Magnetism: Increased memory retention
  • The Green: Emotional
  • Lightning: Impatient and jittery, quickly loses interest
  • Iron: Single-minded

Psionics + Light = Change the color of your braaaaaaain


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