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Why I Love My Orchestra Conductor



First off, hi there! Been a while. I'll post a life-update thing soon-ish.


Anyways, my high-school orchestra conductor may be one of the nicest, most supportive people I have ever met or will ever meet. He's an older man, but he's always full of a joyful energy and can often be seen with a huge grin across his face. He always tells us that he loves us and that we're his favorites, and it's one of the most adorable, fulfilling things to hear him talk.


So a few days ago (last Friday, to be exact) we come in for our daily orchestra class. We're all pretty worn out- it's been a long week. He picks up on this, and after we tune he selects me, one of my good friends, and maybe about six other kids and tells us to follow him as he briskly walks out of the classroom. We have to struggle to keep up as he exits the music hall and strolls into the school, finally stopping at the vending machines.


Once we all get there, he pulls out a big wad of cash and starts inserting money into one of the vending machines and ordering drinks.


He gives us all money and tells us to do the same, and we finally pick up on what he's doing- he's buying drinks for the entire orchestra. And there's maybe about 30-40 kids in the orchestra, too. So we do what he says and buy a bunch of beverages from the vending machines, and then once we've bought a sufficient amount we carry them all back to the orchestra room and distribute them. All the while he's just smiling and watching us enjoy our treat.


To think that spending an hour a day with a bunch of high-schoolers makes someone so happy that they would spend their own money to cheer us up.


I can't think of any words to describe him. He's just an amazing guy. Just think the polar opposite of J.K. Simmons from Whiplash.

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See, you can do that with a string orchestra. Sadly us wind symphony folks can't drink anything before or during rehearsal/practice time lest the insides of our instruments become breeding grounds for bacteria.


But your director seems like a great guy!



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Haha, yeah that does not sound like the most sanitary practice. Maybe if you guys use mouthwash directly after drinking something? Do not do that, that is a bad idea, I do not know how wind instruments work =(

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Our Band director tends to sometimes buy us food and drink, though only after we play.

And the previous band director gets free food/drink too because he's cool and still comes a lot. =P

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