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ECCC and Brick by Brick Event



Man, chaos all around x_x


So, I'm planning to attend ECCC this Friday (Yay SEALUG free pass!) and enjoy the event. We're taking 12 of our Superhero Megafigs (the 12x minifig models we make), all Marvel, including a Stan Lee model. They will be on display along with the other SEALUG and ARCHLUG models. I'll see if I can get photos while I'm there, if anybody is interested. Who knows, I may run into other BZP people there, I hope? Like, can I not be lonely that day? : D


Second, I'm also in the final stages of planning for a huuuuge 16 day Lego Expo called Brick by Brick down at the building my studio is in. We're planning to display art plus have build areas for kids to come in during their spring break, plus running select events and artist-led workshops. It's going to be pretty awesome, but at the same time it's also eating up all my free time that I'd rather be elsewhere doing stuff with. I'll also see about getting photos for that, but no promises as we made that a Kickstarter backer reward.


Overall, I'm wiped and I should probably go sleep now. I still have two more megafigs to build, and they're not even for ECCC.


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